Space Defense Technology

Established in 2019, WeaponX, Inc. is a for-profit corporation serving both commercial and government entities, holding the esteemed CAGE code 92N77. With decades of experience, we specialize in national security consulting and cutting-edge space technology solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and our allies and partners.

Situated in the Central Time Zone of the United States, we operate with a commitment to efficiency and excellence.

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Should you wish to schedule appointments, please contact us via email at the address provided below. WeaponX is proud to be a preferred choice for the U.S. Space Force and Air Force, renowned for our high-value military assets.

For more details, you can download the WeaponX Brochure from our website.

We specialize in providing staffing solutions across various domains, including aerospace engineering, antigravity propulsion, IT, cybersecurity, AI/ML, EMF protection, quantum imaging, robotics, and warfighter equipment. With rapid deployment capabilities at all clearance levels, including top-secret and above, we are trademarked for our software development and IT consulting expertise.

WeaponX proudly maintains an account for securing multi-million-dollar grants, which offer essential funding for critical R&D projects in collaboration with the U.S. Air & Space Force. To proceed with these endeavors, we are actively seeking investors. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email if you are interested (

WeaponX has been featured prominently at esteemed conferences hosted by institutions such as Princeton University, the Israel Space Agency, the United Nations, and other renowned organizations.

We are also proud to offer life-saving, patent-pending EMF protection devices made from orgonite, with prices starting at $89.99. These devices utilize transmutation to release negative ions into the air, creating a healthier environment. Payment via PayPal is accepted.

WeaponX is committed to being environmentally conscious. We are proud to declare ourselves a vegan and cruelty-free organization, aligning our principles with a sustainable and ethical approach. 🌱

Orgonite crystals, carefully positioned within the spacecraft, act as conduits for manipulating orgone energy, generating the necessary energetic conditions to counteract gravity and achieve levitation or propulsion without traditional rocket engines. Our ultimate goal, although ambitious, is to utilize air force grants to build a spacecraft using our patent-pending orgonite for defense & space.

Scientists have discovered that orgone energy, as accumulated and manipulated by orgonite, possesses unique properties related to gravitational interactions. They find that by configuring orgonite in specific patterns and aligning it with energy amplification devices, they can create concentrated fields of orgone energy.

The spacecraft is equipped with specially designed orgonite modules positioned strategically throughout its structure. These modules are composed of layers of orgonite, crystals, and conductive materials. By applying controlled electrical currents or electromagnetic fields to the orgonite, the energy field generated can be precisely shaped and focused.


Counteracting Gravitational Forces: The concentrated orgone energy field interacts with the surrounding spacetime, inducing a distortion that counteracts the force of gravity. The energy field, when properly manipulated, creates a localized gravitational anomaly that effectively nullifies or counterbalances the gravitational pull experienced by the spacecraft.

Energy Feedback System: To maintain levitation and stability, the spacecraft incorporates an advanced feedback system. Sensors embedded within the orgonite modules continuously monitor the gravitational forces acting on the craft. The data is fed into a sophisticated control system that adjusts the energy field in real-time to maintain equilibrium and counteract any fluctuations in gravity.

Propulsion and Maneuverability: In addition to levitation, the orgone energy field can be manipulated to generate thrust and control the spacecraft’s movement. By modulating the energy field’s intensity and direction, the craft can be propelled forward, backward, or sideways. Precise adjustments to the energy field enable complex maneuvers and navigation in space.

Energy Source: Orgone energy itself serves as the primary source of power for the spacecraft. As the orgone energy field is continually generated and maintained, it generates a self-sustaining energy feedback loop, providing the necessary power to sustain the levitation and propulsion systems.

To avoid environmental impact to planet Earth, we would use asteroid mining to extract the materials required to make orgonite.